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Context of interest for CISIP 2021 of Romanian team 
•China and the European Union have similar targets and principles of application for scientific and technological parks.
•Both are based on co-operation between administration, academia, professional associations and stakeholders in the economy in promoting scientific technical progress for the development of the economy.
•Both use the principle of subsidiarity and presents differences, on a case-by-case basis, between their regions and scientific and technological parks established locally.
•Both meet and accept collaborations and foreign investment outside their economic bloc
•There are exclusive strategic areas in scientific research, but there are multiple areas where scientific collaboration in order to raise the level of mutual economic performance is desirable on both sides.
•Romania is a much smaller country than China. In particular, Romania is interested in collaborating with Chinese scientific and economic entities, respectively, Chinese scientific and technological parks
•Frequency and calendar Romanian-Chinese collaborations must grow. The involvement of Chinese scientific and technological parks must grow in Romania. It is an opportunity and Romania needs to be included in the Chinese "Belt and Road" program.
•The involvement of Chinese scientific and technological parks in Romania can be done both physically and virtually. The entities capable of the two countries can work together for different projects.
•Next, we present the areas of independent, particular scientific interest of Romanian participants at CISIP 2021.


05 February 2022




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