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12 March 2020

July 2019 - Mechanical Support Structures for ELIADE (ELI-NP Array of Ge Clover Detectors) and ELIGANT-GN installed!

The ELIGANT-GN mechanical structure was successfully installed at ELI-NP. ELIGANT is one of the main set of instruments for nuclear physics experiments with the gamma beam system that will be available at ELI-NP. The main focus of ELIGANT is physics cases involving the emission of one or more neutrons from a target after interaction with the gamma beam. One of the devices in the ELIGANT collection of instruments is the ELIGANT-GN, comprising both neutron and γ-ray detectors. The design of the neutron structure for ELIGANT started in 2015. The main challenge was to build a sturdy support for the ELIGANT neutron detectors (62 detectors) but at the same time to limit the amount of material to avoid neutron activation. The manufacturing of the structure required the effort of several Romanian subcontractors under the coordination of CLR Hydraulics - the main contractor. ELI-NP's Technical Division assembled the structure in collaboration with the ELIGANT group and under the supervision of personnel from CLR Hydraulics. The structure was tested for a 2 mm-precision alignment of detector and target position.

"Collaboration with high-tech industry is becoming essential for research. Building complex systems as required by state-of-the-art experiments at the frontiers of knowledge is only possible with a highly specialized contribution from industry." Calin Alexandru Ur, Technical Director of ELI-NP


Gamma Driven Experiments Department

The unique parameters of the ELI-NP gamma beams in terms of high spectral density and high polarizability open a new avenue for photonuclear research.A versatile research program related to physics and applications with brilliant gamma beams has been defined in several Technical Design Reports and instrumentation for its realization is been designed or is under construction. Day-one experiments with the ELI-NP gamma-beam system will be carried out in the E2, E3, E7, E8 and E9 experimental areas of the ELI-NP laboratory building. It includes nuclear resonance fluorescence (NRF) experiments, photoneutron reaction measurements, studies of (γ,α) or (γ,p) reaction cross sections and photofission experiments.

Nuclear resonance fluorescence (NRF) experiments provide a specific research niche for the ELI-NP facility. In particular, the pencil-size gamma beams at ELI-NP will provide access to targets that are available in small quantities and will open the actinide region for NRF studies. Detailed high-resolution studies of the dipole strength distribution in the region of the pygmy dipole resonance (PDR) will be done. Related to this experimental program, the ELIADE detector array of segmented Ge Clover detectors and digital read-out is under construction:

The ELIADE (ELI-NP Array of DEtectors) is composed of 8 segmented clover HPGe detectors and additional 4 LaBr3 detectors. The detectors are located on two rings, one at 90 degrees and the other at 135 degrees with respect to the beam axis. The angle of the detectors in the first ring can be varied with 4 degrees around the nominal working position. [Romanian Reports in Physics, Vol. 68, Supplement, P. S483–S538, 2016]


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